Meet Our Board!

Kenneth L. Johnson “K.J.”- President

Kenneth”K.J.” Johnson is the President of Stitches for Mitchell County, Inc. Formerly from Orlando, Florida, K.J. is a Vietnam veteran, and a former member of the Third U.S. Infantry “The Old Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. He retired from the military after 25 years of dedicated service and continued in civil service at the Pentagon. After leaving the Pentagon, K.J. worked for a private executive protection company, providing security for diplomats and other high ranking personnel. Upon leaving this aspect of his career, he began working with the State of Florida as an account executive under the Department of Labor. After leaving the Department of Labor, K.J. was hired as DAE under the Department of Homeland Security as a Human Resources Director for Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, until retirement in 2007. After moving to Camilla, K.J. joined the United Methodist Church. Being very civic minded, he volunteers at the Mitchell County Food Bank and the Animal Control Facility. He is very concerned about the welfare of the unwanted animals in our county as has worked tirelessly to improve the plight of these animals. K.J.’s goal, ultimately, is to insure that all animals have a home, but at the same time, work to decrease the number of unwanted animals arriving in shelters.

Susan Jamerson- Vice President

Susan Jamerson from Pelham, is the Vice President of Stitches for Mitchell County, Inc. A lifelong resident of Mitchell County, Susan has always been community oriented, however, her true passion is the welfare of animals. Her goal is to reunite animals with their rightful owners when possible, look after the animals are abandoned and find them homes and decrease the number of animals that arrive at the local shelter. Susan is married to former Mitchell County coroner, Jim Jamerson. Together, they have three daughters and six grandchildren. Her family also includes three rescue dogs, 11 horses and 16 cows.

Judi Gavalas- Secretary

Judi Gavalas, Secretary of Stitches for Mitchell County, Inc., moved to Camilla, Georgia in 2005. Married to Pete Gavalas. Pete has a son, Craig and a daughter, Debra. Two grandsons, Michael, who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps and Zack, who is in college. Judi has two daughters,  Mary Lauren, who is a second grade teacher, and Kady, an independent Designer. Judi has two grandchildren, John, 5, and Josie, 4. Judi is a retired Office Manager for Coldwell-Banker SSK, in Gray, Georgia. Judi has also completed the Master Florist Certification at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Judi and Pete have two rescue dogs, Maggie, a black lab and Buddy, a Pit Bull- Liver Pointer Bird dog, and two rescue cats.

Kaitlyn J. Hagan- Treasurer

Kaitlyn Hagan, 28, of Pelham, Georgia is the Treasurer of Stitches for Mitchell County, Inc. She is married to Corky Hagan. They have two children, Aryen, 4, and Lane, 9 months Kaitlyn is a 2007 Graduate of Pelham High School. She has had a love of animals since she was around 5 years old. She likes being involved with the community and loves helping and taking care of animals of all sizes. Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Kaitlyn and Corkys family includes three dogs: Cuddles, a yellow lab, Gunner, a black lab mix, and Angel, a Pitbull Mix.

Danny Ashley- At Large

Danny has been an animal lover, and primarily a dog lover all of his life. He grew up with parents that raised Saint Bernards. In his adult life, he has volunteered at the Laurens County Humane Society, where he helped build dog houses to assist with an over-populated shelter. He remains committed to helping domestic animals find safe homes and shelter. Danny is a soldier in the GA Army National Guard. He holds the rank of Staff Sergeant and works full time in Albany for a GA ARNG maintenance shop, as a mechanic. He has 15 years of military service to his credit. He is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, where he served for 10 months in Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, and Iraq. He spent the majority of his life in McRae, GA before his reenlistment in the military in 2009. He was working in Ft. Stewart in Hinesville, GA, before being promoted to the Albany FMS shop, where he will retire from. He bought a home in Mitchell County in November of 2014, where he plans to reside the rest of his life. He attends Hopeful Baptist Church, where he has been a member for approximately a year and a half, with his wife, Patricia Ashley. The Church recently licensed Danny as a pastor. God called him into service a couple of years ago. He has preached at several churches in the Mitchell County area and in Terrell County, where he previously lived. Danny has always had dogs. He has never bought a dog other than adopting from a shelter. He is committed to helping the animals and the citizens of Mitchell County to solve the problems surrounding stray cats and dogs. He is committed to efficient and principled stewardship of the Stitches organization, in order to maximize our efforts in the community. He believes that we should keep our focus on the animals, not ourselves. He is not interested in self-promotion, just saving the animals.